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Communication management

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Hunting and shooting weapons

Print and digital communication

Digital communication takes place online and on connected media, whereas print communication is based on flyers, brochures, catalogues and other physical media. Digital offers several advantages including precise targeting, an easily calculable ROI and real-time interaction with the target.

Digital communication brings a breath of fresh air compared to traditional marketing methods thanks to inbound marketing, content marketing and community management. These techniques are used in the field of weapons.

Communication for hunting and shooting weapons can be based on both physical and digital media. Visual communication is part of the communication plan and exploits the latest web and graphic design technologies.


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Creation of custom-made websites: showcase website, e-commerce website, e-commerce website..of which TUNING CARS is a good example.


Signage plays an informative role in guiding your customers and is an important part of any visual communication.


Video shooting, video animation and content strategy are pillars to have a better communication in the company with its targets.
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Brand storytelling

The art of telling a story in order to arouse emotions.

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Promotion of a site with opinion leaders.

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Sending commercial messages to your prospects.

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Manage a brand's presence on social networks.


Referencing and visibility on search engines.

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Promote your brand and increase your visibility.

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Adjust the graphical elements of your web interfaces.

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Interface that corresponds to the expectations of the users.

Social networks

Massive communication weapon

Social networks have become very present in the life of businesses. They allow companies to control their entire image and audience. Social networks are known for their importance in the dissemination of information. Sharing allows a better visibility of the company’s products and services. Publishing a message on social networks allows to reach new targets. It allows you to support your brand image and have a great audience.

Social networks are an integral part of a company’s marketing and digital communication strategy on the different channels of transmission. A post or video well shared on social networks can be seen by tens of thousands of people in just a few days. It is imperative to do Social Marketing and to make a good place for yourself on the different social networks.
Social networks allow you to boost your company’s visibility. You can create discussions about your products or services in order to make them known a little more and to reach as many targets as possible.

Communication agency

Communication services


A rich content that respects its theme, like what we can find on Rent Car Center, without forgetting the referencing with keywords and tags but also internal and external links and quality images.

The web design

One of the most important creative trends in the communication. Web Design has established itself as a discipline in its own right for the technical design of websites like Caroom for example.

Online Armoury

The online gun shop is an e-shop that offers a complete catalogue for hunting, sport shooting, leisure shooting, paintball and air shooting. You will have the choice between different leisure weapons that you can buy online by consulting the different catalogues. You can also find shotguns, leisure rifles, shooting accessories with unbeatable prices. This selection of recreational firearms will satisfy the most demanding among you. Before proceeding with the purchase, you must consult the legal conditions for obtaining and owning a weapon since their sale is regulated in France. In the online armoury, you will only find weapons of good quality both technical and aesthetic. To join the useful to the pleasant is the motto of the e-shop. The purchase can be made online and payment could be made upon receipt of delivery.